Maybe the world has had it with celebrities after all. The Associated Press reports that Donald Trump has decided to reboot his NBC series and reintroduce the regular version of The Apprentice. He’s bringing back 14 ordinary men and women who are in search of a job, instead of relying on rockstars and athletes for entertainment.

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Last Wednesday, Trump and the network announced that the regular Apprentice might be airing this fall. With the economic crisis still plaguing the country, both parties believed this to be a step towards progress.

From executive producers Mark Burnett and the Donald, the non-celebrity edition of the show premiered in 2004. It survived for five seasons before being replaced with Celebrity Apprentice two years ago. Though next year, a sixth installment is already in line.

“[S]ince the economy went down the tubes, people have been saying, ‘Would it be possible to bring back the original?'” Trump explained. “In a way, it’s more important now than when we first did it.”

Another twist that the tycoon wants for The Apprentice‘s upcoming season is the candidates. Donald Trump will be recruiting those who have lost their jobs, are working in jobs they despise, and those who have finished college but haven’t been offered anything.

Despite the broadness of those categories, the businessman admits that he’s still looking for those exemplifying one distinct quality. “Everybody has to be smart,” Trump said. “They all have to have brain power.”

What’s more, their boss is looking to hand them advice on how to continue after the show. Trump’s post-You’re fired! words will lead these contestants to a bright future, should they choose to listen to him.

“Instead of just sending them off in a cab, I’m going to sit and talk to them about their future — give them a little advice,” the Apprentice star said.

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Taping for the new season will begin this summer. Those who believe they have what it takes to be on The Apprentice should be on the lookout for open casting calls, which will be held across the country.

Source: The Associated Press
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