How many of you were not rooting for Jordan and Jeff on The Amazing Race? Whether you first saw them on Big Brother or just encountered them lately (in my case), it’s not hard to see why they’re pretty enjoyable to watch. Sure, they weren’t the best racers, but they were still fun to watch. So, admittedly, I was one of those who felt bad when they got eliminated.

I got to talk to Jordan and Jeff early today, taking time off to answer a few quick questions about their race experiences, their non-celebrity status and a future reality show. Or is it?

First off, why join the race, especially after just finishing Big Brother?

Jeff: I love to travel and Jordan had never been to another country before, so we thought it would be something fun to do together.

Did being a celebrity of sorts help you in the race in any way? Surely someone recognized you when you started the race in Los Angeles. What about the other teams?

Jordan: We’re no celebrities but a few people recognized us in LAX. After that, in other countries, no one knew who we were. We were on the same playing level as everyone else. I think one or two teams knew who we were but no one else did.

Were you surprised when you finished first in Chile?

Jeff: No. We were there to win and we were off to a strong start. But as the race progressed it got harder and we caught a couple of bad breaks. In this race it was anyone’s game.

Jordan: The whole taxi ride in Germany threw us off for the next two legs and we kept screwing up with directions.

Do you think arriving last in the non-elimination leg in Germany hurt your chances in the race?

Jordan: Germany really hurt us and caused us to fall far behind–and we had an extra task to do. Thank God there was a U-turn or we would have been eliminated.

What was the most memorable part of the race for you?

Jordan: Winning the first leg of the race and visiting and seeing all the different places was incredible.

Despite not having spent lots of time together, I’m impressed that you didn’t bicker as hard as the other teams. Was it really the case, or did you argue a lot more than we saw on the show?

Jeff: We had our ups and downs but in the end we kept our heads up high and never gave up.

You said that your main goal in running the race was to learn more about each other. Is it mission accomplished?

Jordan: It was mission accomplished. We have a better and stronger relationship than before.

Jeff: It helped us understand and learn more about each other.

You’ve appeared in two reality shows together. Is a third reality show–maybe your own–in your future plans?

Jordan: It’s out of our hands but you’ll never know. Anything’s possible.

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Henrik Batallones

Staff Writer, BuddyTV