It’s one down for the men’s team on The Celebrity Apprentice tonight, as Donald Trump fired project manager Sinbad.  On the second episode of the third season, the comedian was given the boot for their task, which was to handle the relaunching of Kodak’s ad campaign.

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Sinbad led Rock Solid to defeat as he ordered them all to make a storefront photo gallery for Kodak Moments.  The end certainly wasn’t a picture perfect one for him and the rest, as they failed in their mission.

At the beginning of the episode, there were problems caused by Poison rocker Bret Michaels as he continued to be tardy for their assignments.  Sinbad, as manager, did his best to encourage his teammate to make an effort to be early.  Unfortunately, the demand wasn’t met when he showed up late again and he was left behind.

When Bret caught up with his co-stars, Sinbad was running the show and even ignoring him.  This isn’t a diplomatic way of handling those under you, and even Donald Trump would agree.

Another problem encountered by the Rock Solid team was their faulty website.  The executives of Kodak didn’t approve of their results, which in turn caused their loss.

Meanwhile, the ladies were led by wrestler Maria Kanellis and did really well for the task.  Donald Trump praised the team Tenacity for their efforts, but he knew he had to toughen them up as well.  Conflict arose between the two groups as their boss told the girls to be more competitive like the men, but as the episode concluded it’s the guys who lost.

Earlier in the episode, the girls looked like they were going to be weakened by Cyndi Lauper’s ignorance of operating a digital camera.  It’s a good thing the others were able to pull through for her, despite their exasperation.  Team leader Maria Kanellis certainly stood out and showed her creative side for Kodak, as we expected.

The competition is really getting fiercer now that another celebrity has been eliminated from The Celebrity Apprentice.  Last week, we had comedian Carol Leifer out of the game.  With the elimination of Sinbad, another comedian followed in her wake.

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Now that the comics have been cast out, who could be next?  The athletes, the musician, or the politician?  Find out when Celebrity Apprentice airs next Sunday on NBC.

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