Today was ABC’s day at the Television Critics Association press tour, which meant one thing: Lost.  Carlton Cuse, Damon Lindelof and most of the cast were there to answer questions, but if you’re looking for major details on season 6, you won’t find them here.  Or anywhere.

We’re just three weeks away from the big premiere, and there’s still very little on what exactly will be happening in the final season.  ABC still hasn’t provided anything: no episodic photos, no descriptive episode synopsis, no video clips, which leads me to conclude that season 6 is so insane that even the slightest glimpse will be a huge spoiler.

However, there were a few juicy nuggets to come out of the press tour panel.

-You can add Harold Perrineau (Michael) and Cynthia Watros (Libby) to the long list of former Lost stars returning for the final season.  But as Cuse and Lindelof are constant deceivers, details were hazy.  Cuse claimed all our unanswered Libby questions would be solved, while Lindelof said that was completely untrue.  All we know for sure is that one of them is a liar.

-The final season will pick up right where season 5 ended.  Since it ended with an exploding bomb, that could be the least helpful spoiler of all time.

-Cuse and Lindelof did say something rather interesting, that the best preparation would be rewatching the first season.  Based solely on that, it definitely seems like we’re heading to a “back to the beginning” style final season.

-Emilie de Ravin claims she had to read the season 6 premiere script three times before fully understanding what happens.  So either she was a bit rusty on Lost scripts, or this is going to be a complex mental battle.

-In one of those moments where someone might accidentally reveal something, there was an interesting moment when Terry O’Quinn was explaining that he didn’t know that he wasn’t really Locke during last season.  Lindelof claimed it was easier not to tell him than to explain that “Thousands and thousands of years ago…”  In other words, we now have some sort of time frame context for Jacob and his enemy, and it’s a really long time ago.

-While we still haven’t seen any clips or photos from the new season, we were promised that there will be something new before the premiere.

The final season of Lost premieres February 2 at 9pm on ABC.  

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