There are a few things worse than an angry person whose braincells suffer with every breath.  One of which (your guess which) is Jon Gosselin, with his inability to let go of what happened with Hailey Glassman and his apartment.

E! Online reports that the 32-year-old star of TLC’s Jon and Kate Plus 8 is pushing through with filing a criminal complaint against his ex-girlfriend.  He and his legal team believe that she’s the one responsible for trashing his bachelor pad last December 26.

While the two parties have allegedly called a truce, Jon Gosselin refuses to back down.  His attorney, Mark Heller, revealed that the reality TV show patriarch is hoping to settle things once and for all.  In favor of himself, of course.

“All I can say is–what’s that old saying?–‘There’s no wrath like a woman scorned’,” Heller said.  Actually, the adage we’re familiar with is “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.”  If the originator – sources say it’s William Congreve paraphrased, not Shakespeare – were alive, he’d probably send Heller to hell (how appropriate) for getting it wrong.

But before crossing any other lines, let’s continue.  Team Glassman, on the other hand, is still upset about the allegations but have hoped that the two parties can come face-to-face to resolve the issue.

“We’re just moving forward,” her attorney Stephanie Ovadia announced.

However, Hailey meeting Jon is looking more and more unlikely.  First off, he has a new girl named Morgan and they’re probably busy in Utah.  What’s more, Glassman wouldn’t really want to see him again.

Heller went on to declare that his client and Glassman have “never met” since the ransacking happened, and it seems as though neither party has plans to do so.  Meanwhile, the NYPD continues its investigation on the case.  No charges have been filed, other than the one Jon Gosselin is hoping to make.

Source: E! Online
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