In his post-premiere blog on Tuesday, Bachelor host Chris Harrison revealed that the “scandal” set to go down during next week’s episode refers to an “inappropriate” relationship between one Bachelor cast member and one show producer–and though his language is (purposefully) vague and short on details, the season promo that aired at the end of Monday night’s episode made the accusation clear, via another woman’s voiceover: “She’s having a sexual affair with someone in the Bachelor house!”

Yesterday, Bachelor blogger turned anti-ABC crusader Reality Steve took to his blog to tell a different story, revealing that the contestant in question is single mother/model/make-up artist Rozlyn Papa. Steve cited an unnamed source who revealed that no sexual affair occurred, and that the “scandal” storyline was concocted to cover up Rozlyn’s voluntary departure from the show after she felt betrayed by producers. Read the full story here.

RadarOnline spoke to Rozlyn today, and while her contract with ABC likely kept her from spilling too many details about her time on the show, one statement came out crystal clear: “No, I did not have a sexual relationship with a producer on the show.”

“What they mean by inappropriate relationship is not what inappropriate relationship means in the real world,” said Papa.

“I had a relationship with someone on the show that didn’t benefit them [the network and senior producers].”

She clarified the nature of her relationship with the since-fired producer: “We remained really close but we are not dating now.”

Echoing The Bachelorette‘s Wes Hayden (remember last season’s “villain” who claimed he was the victim of a bad edit?), Papa blames the show’s producers for the way she was (and will be, come Monday night) inaccurately portrayed on the program:

“This is a TV show and it’s made for entertainment, but it is a far cry from reality. I know that things on television weren’t always as they seemed, but I had no idea the extent of the show manipulation.”

Harrison revealed in his blog that the “inappropriate” contestant would be asked to leave the show. Despite a tarnished reputation on national TV, Papa denied making any bad decisions and told RadarOnline, “I am going to hold my head high, I do not regret anything that happened.”

Here’s Rozlyn’s intro video from Monday’s Bachelor premiere:

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