More than anything, the infamous “scandal” on The Bachelor was the one thing I was looking forward to in tonight’s episode. As expected, it came during the tail end of the episode just before the second rose ceremony, and it involved the two people that were previously mentioned in our report (Rozlyn and one of the production crew). In fact, previous reports and spoilers were so extensively spot-on that it didn’t really make that much impact when host Chris Harrison confronted Rozlyn or when he broke the incident to Jake Pavelka and the rest of the remaining bachelorettes.

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Maybe it’s because I already knew what was about to go down going into the episode but the whole scandal wasn’t how I built it up in my head. Just like most of you, I was looking for more juicy answers than just “inappropriate relationship” but instead the show revealed what I already knew. Even Rozlyn’s response, “I mean, I don’t think that my personal life’s really anybody’s business,” was pretty vague and not something you’d expect from someone who’s being accused (of possibly something she didn’t commit) and sent home.

Jake, who felt deceived and disappointed with how things turned out, handled himself well at least. He also asked the bachelorettes to pull him aside if ever they feel that they didn’t want to be on the show anymore. Although I bet things would have been so much more interesting if he actually got a chance to confront Rozlyn just before Chris sent her packing.  

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Kris De Leon

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