To get back in the swing of voting on all things American Idol and to get a better understanding of everyone’s allegiances, I’ve set up three American Idol showdowns for you. It’s simple, you have a week to vote for who you think is the Best American Idol Winner Ever, the Worst American Idol Winner Ever, and by popular demand, the Best American Idol Runner-Up Ever.

So, please start voting and telling us if you’re Camp Kelly or Carrie, Team Adam or Clay. When the Showdowns are completed I’ll write an article sharing the results and three American Idols will be crowned BuddyTV’s best and worst Idol winners (and runner-up) ever…or at least until season 9 chooses its champion.

Vote for the Best American Idol Winner (by clicking on the picture):

Vote for the Worst American Idol Winner:

Vote for the Best American Idol Runner-Up:

Let me know who you voted for in the comments too! May the best and the worst Idols win!

Abbey Simmons

Contributing Writer, BuddyTV