Lost star Henry Ian Cusick may be stepping in to replace Mandy Patinkin in a new made-for-DVD Dead Like Me movie.  Depending on who you ask, the film is either currently filming or will be shortly.  No word on how filming may impact Cusick’s commitments to Lost, but being that this is a direct-to-video venture and not a mainstream theatrical production the impact could be virtually non-existent, particularly since the Lost gang has so much lead time to play around with.

Patinkin was apparently not available when the film went into production so a new head reaper character was developed, and from the sounds of things is more or less the center of the new films plot.  The name of the new head reaper is Cameron Kane.  From early character descriptions, it sounds like Cameron is all business when it comes to death.

The part of Daisy has been recast, with Australian actress Sarah Wynter taking over the role.  In an amusing turn, the role of Daisy was originally played by Laura Harris, and 24 fans will remember Wynter and Harris played the Warner sisters in the show’s second season.  According to the rumor mill, there will be some romance between Cameron and Daisy, so perhaps the new Mr. Death isn’t so frigid after all.

Dead Like Me star Ellen Muth will be returning in her pivotal role, along with regulars Jasmin Guy and Callum Blue.  The main plot has yet to be discussed, and IMDB has the project as currently filming with no firm release date.

The presence of Cusick might cause Lost fans to speculate that his character, Desmond, will be spending some time with the reaper himself.  Before taking that route though, consider that Lost has five months of leeway to extend to its actors.  Any shooting that Cusick misses out in the short term could always be picked up later, well in advance of Lost’s premiere date.

The film is being directed by Rock Star director Stephen Herek, and was written by Dead Like Me executive producers and veteran writers Stephen Godchaux and John Masius.

– Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
Source: Variety
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