Tonight’s the night we say goodbye to the most tear-prone human in the history of television.  I bet if we look throughout the history of television, that Amber from Big Brother 8 holds the all-time record in tears-per-minute (TPMs).  Really, looking back, her ability to cry at even the most innocuous moment was completely ridiculous.  Add to that her propensity to speak loudly to God about His involvement with Big Brother, and her anti-semitic comments, we can agree that the Amber Experience was something to behold.  Tonight’s live eviction episode, on top of Amber’s ejection from the house, also contained an appearance by Cheryl, Eric’s infamous maybe girlfriend, and the most annoying Head of Household challenge ever.

SPOILER WARNING: The end of this article contains spoilers about the winner of the HoH competition, which will not be revealed on TV until Sunday’s episode of Big Brother.

Amber and Jameka begin the episode by trying to throw Eric under the bus to Jessica.  They have lots of things to say, but the theme remains that Eric is untrustworthy and he’s going to end up betraying Jessica.  Jess doesn’t really buy it, and neither do I.  One of their more interesting accusations is that Eric has been throwing the HoH competitions so that no one will see pictures of his girlfriend Cheryl.  Jessica, in hindsight, is mad that she and Eric stayed loyal to the Donatos.  They know that Dick and Daniele will not hesitate to renege on their alliance.  Zach is worried about being evicted although everyone tells him he’s not going home.

In a live chat with the houseguests, Daniele sends a secret encoded message to Nick.  Whatever.  Julie interviews members of Jameka’s church, who all come to her defense regarding her religion.  Why wouldn’t they?

Then, the big interview of the night: we hear from Cheryl, Eric’s on-again/off-again girlfriend.  Cheryl says that yes, she is jealous.  She tears up while talking about it.

On to the live vote.  Jameka votes to evict Zach, but she’s the only one.  Amber is going home.  Of course, she cries.  I, for one, am glad that we won’t me subjected to anymore unnecessary crying.  It got really old.

Finally, the HoH competition.  And, boy, is it unbelievably annoying.  Each houseguest is given a tiny little teacup and have to run back and forth between the tea and a bowl until  a silver ball in the bowl rises to the top.  The catch, they have to transport 16 gallons of tea!  Needless to say, we still don’t have a new HoH by the end of the episode.

Julie Chen also caps the episode with some surprises for the upcoming week.  Former Big Brother contestant Janelle will host the Power of Veto competition this week, and on next Thursday’s episode, two people will be going home in a double eviction episode.  It’s unclear exactly how that will work.  Will they evict someone, then squeeze an HoH competition, nomination ceremony, veto competition and ceremony and eviction vote all into one live hour?  That would be exciting.

UPDATE: On the live feeds, the competition ends and Zach is the new HoH.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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