Last Thursday’s episode of Lost raised many questions, with the biggest of them being the mystery behind Kate taking care of Aaron, which we already discussed here.  The other questions that have been rattling around my brain involve the massive conspiracy that is covering up the crash of Oceanic Flight 815.  In “Eggtown,” we saw Jack (Matthew Fox) take the witness stand in Kate’s trial and willingly perjure himself without remorse.  He stated that only eight people survived the plane crash, and that only six of those eight made it off the island.  The question is, why are the Oceanic Six being asked to lie about the fates of their fellow castaways?  And who are the two people they’re officially claiming died on the island?

Unfortunately, the most obvious person who may not be long for this world is Claire (Emilie de Ravin).  It’s hard to imagine Claire willingly giving up Aaron, but it is possible that she dies on the island, leaving Kate (Evangeline Lilly) to raise the child.  The “Eggtown” flash forward didn’t tell us whether or not the world thinks Aaron is Kate’s biological child, but it’s quite possible they think she adopted him because Claire was confirmed dead.  This act of kindness would certainly feed into the idea of Kate as the hero, and easily explain why her lawyer wanted Aaron on the witness stand.

Why not just say that Claire died in the crash with everyone else?  Well, due to the fact that she was known to be pregnant when she got on the plane, saying that she survived for a while on the island would be a necessity.  There must be one other person from Oceanic Flight 815 who the conspiracy constructors felt contributed something essential to the island after the crash.  There must have been someone who left behind proof that they survived on the island for a period of time.

My guess is that it might be Sun (Yunjin Kim).  Based on absolutely nothing, I’m going to theorize that Sun could eventually give birth to her baby and die in childbirth due to the island’s crazy vendetta against new mothers.  If Jin (Daniel Dae Kim) happens to make it off the island as one of the Oceanic Six with a baby in tow, the conspirators would have to acknowledge Sun’s existence.

Of course, this Oceanic conspiracy is still shrouded in so much mystery that it’s almost impossible to speculate on it.  It seems obvious that Oceanic staged the wreckage that we saw in “Confirmed Dead,” and from what we know of Jack and Sayid’s post-island lives, it appears that they shelled out a lot of cash to keep the real crash details a secret.  Jack received a Golden Pass to fly all around the world, while Sayid (Naveen Andrews) talked of a hefty settlement that allowed him to play golf all day when he wasn’t busy assassinating people.

Let’s not forget those assassinations, which also seem to be a product of this massive cover up.  My guess is that someone out there knows the truth behind the Oceanic crash and wants to do away with the six remaining survivors.  It could easily be creepy Matthew Abbadon and his organization, which may very well be a rebirth of the DHARMA Initiative.  After all, who would want to capture Ben (Michael Emerson) more than DHARMA folks?

One of the biggest questions regarding the conspiracy is what the heck happened to the other castaways.  I find it impossible to fathom that Lost is going to kill all but six of its main characters before the end of the series, not to mention all those extras milling about in the background.  My theory is that everyone else was left behind on the island and that Jack feels supremely guilty about it, hence his desire to return.  I have a feeling he’ll get back there for a big rescue mission before the series finale.

We know who four of the Oceanic Six are:  Jack, Kate, Hurley, and Sayid.  Aaron may count as a fifth, though most people seem to think he doesn’t.  Who do you think the final two are, and who do you think the two confirmed dead on the island are?  Maybe we’ll get some answers in Thursday’s brand new episode.

– Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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