This week, Crazy James and Chelsia are the Heads of Household on Big Brother 9.  My BuddyTV cohort John Kubicek takes great offense to James’ nickname.  Not to the name itself, but the fact that it was self-appointed.  I was dubious – the nickname didn’t bother me.  The more I think about it, however, the more it actually does bother me.  If you call yourself “Crazy” then you actively will feel the need to self-fulfill that title.  You have created an artificial persona in which the other houseguests will pre-judge from the second they meet you.  From now on, maybe I’ll introduce myself to people as “Awesome Oscar.”  If everyone thinks I’m awesome from the second they meet me, I’ll have an automatic leg up.  Anyway, the nomination ceremony went down last night and, thanks to the live feeds, we know who has been put on the block.

Big Brother 9: Week 3 Nomination Spoilers, Plus a Juicy Rumor

James and Chelsia decided to nominate Alex and Amanda (which makes sense, given all the drama Amanda has stirred up and the rampant jealousy of Alex) with Matt and Natalie (which makes less sense – I suppose James and Chelsia see them as a big threat in the game…or maybe Chelsia is jealous that Matt hasn’t been hitting on her as much as the other girls).  This means the veto competition will be hard-fought.  I think it’s likely that one of the two nominated teams will win the Veto.

In other Big Brother 9 news, we have an interesting rumor courtesy of Spamgirl at RealityBBQ.  Parker and Jen were unavailable for the usual exit interviews following their eviction.  I didn’t think anything of it, but Spamgirl has a source that says that Parker and Jen are being kept in sequester, with the possibility that one or both could re-enter the game at some point in order to prolong the season.

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