One would guess that the kind of heavy-handed, invective-laden style Gordon Ramsay brings to Hell’s Kitchen is something he knows well enough to leave at work at the end of the day. It might make a kitchen run smoothly, but it’s not exactly a particularly promising way to bring about a well-running, harmonious household.

Surely he must sometimes feel frustrated or aggravated at home – after all, he has four young children, including a set of twins. But it turns out that while his temper might mainly make an appearance on the television or in the professional kitchen, his wife’s not exactly thrilled with it in those contexts either.

The Hell’s Kitchen star and his wife Cayetana Elizabeth Ramsay – known as Tana – have been married since 1996. Her husband’s business is doubly important to her as her father is actually responsible for the business operations for the chef’s restaurant holdings.

While his tv exposure has likely helped increase the business of those restaurants, Tana admits that she doesn’t exactly love watching him on TV. In fact, she admits that watching him lose his temper makes her “cringe.”

She says that it’s the social fall out from her husband’s outbursts on shows like Hell’s Kitchen or Kitchen Nightmares that really get to her.

“Gordon doesn’t care what people think, which is fine for him,” she said, “but I have to do the school run the next day.”

She knows that her status as a spouse of a famous – and famously volatile – chef garners a bit of attention, but it would appear it’s attention she would prefer to do without. “I feel people looking at me,” she said, “and I want to say ‘if you’ve got something to say, then say it'”.

The new season of Hell’s Kitchen starts in April, so unfortunately for Tana, we can expect a lot more stateside swearing from Gordon soon.

– Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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Staff Columnist, BuddyTV