Jen and Parker are gone from Big Brother 9, but it may not be the last we see of either of them.  It turns out that both Parker and Jen were placed in sequester following their eviction.  What does this mean?  Well, it might mean nothing.  It might, however, mean that CBS and Big Brother are planning on bringing evicted houseguests back into the house, kind of like with Sharon.  Today, we’ll see what happens with James and Chelsia as the new Heads of Household. 

Big Brother 9: Week 3 Nominations, Live Thoughts

Thanks to the HoH competition, the houseguests are without cups.  Now they have to use bowls.  Matt calls cups a very important part of life.  So true, Matt. 

James and Chelsia start thinking about nominations right away.  Matt eagerly campaigns.  James gives Matt his word that he won’t be putting him up on the block. 

Joshuah tells Sharon about the lesbian couple of Sheila and Allison – everyone still believes it.  It’s ridiculous.   Sharon and Josh agree to keep the secret a secret.

James is annoying – he tells Ryan and Adam about his Operation Condor.  He wants to get rid of Alex and Amanda.  To do it, though, they need to put up a pawn.  Neither Ryan nor Adam wants to do it, which leaves Matt and Natalie.

Amanda decides to talk to Josh about their huge fight from last episode.  They make up and Amanda tries to form a secret alliance, but Josh has none of it. 

Natalie admits that she really like Matt.  She gets butterflies.  She says that Matt puts naughty thoughts into her head.  She tries to lure him into the bathtub, and Matt tells her that he won’t have sex with her.  Matt doesn’t want to get distracted in the game with a romance.

Allison thinks that they should come clean about the fake lesbian lie and she discusses about it with Sheila.  It looks like Allison is going to come clean.

Food Competition:  Josh/Sharon, Ryan/Allison, Natalie/Matt vs. Alex/Amanda, Chelsia/James Sheila/Adam.  It’s a crazy sea/fish competition.  The house guests come outside and find fishing boats, and a pool filled with dead fish.  It’s like the same competition as on Thursday’s Survivor.  Three people from each team have to hold on a fishing net and the other three find fish and throw them into the other team’s nets.  The first team to make all three net holders on the other team drop their nets wins.  It comes down to Josh vs. Adam, the only ones left holding nets.   Josh, Sharon, Ryan, Allison, Natalie, and Matt win.  The other team’s members will be on slop for an entire week.  Sucks for them.

Amanda says the word “Bueno” a lot, and it’s really annoying.  Everyone is getting fed up with it. 

James admits that he’s got feelings for Chelsia.  Since he’s Crazy and all, his come-ons are a bit bizarre.  James doesn’t know if she likes him.  I have to say this – when I first read the bios I thought Chelsia would be the crazy one in the house.  She’s been pretty sane and normal, though.  James and Chelsia make out hard in the HoH room.

Sheila and Allison decide to tell Chelsia that they aren’t really lesbians.  James finds out.  And then Josh finds out, and he’s a little miffed.  Chelsia is now baffled and she talks to Josh about it – they cannot trust Allison and Sheila. 

James decides to use Matt and Natalie as pawns to go up this week. 

Time for the nomination ceremony.  James and Chelsia are obviously gunning for Alex and Amanda, but they need a pawn to go with them.  Surprisingly…

Alex/Amanda and Matt/Natalie are nominated for eviction. 

And that is that for the night.

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