Aside from movies like The Fast and the Furious, S.W.A.T. and Resident Evil, Michelle Rodriguez cemented her status as one of the toughest characters in Hollywood as a cast member on Lost. She first appeared on the episode “Exodus,” which consisted of the two-hour first season finale. As the character Ana Lucia Cortez, she was one of the plane crash survivors of Oceanic Flight 815. Throughout the show, she took a strong initiative in rescuing and ensuring the well being of other survivors. Apart from assuming a leader role, she was known as the person responsible for the death of Shannon. Although she gained fame as an actress on Lost, Rodriguez drew attention when she was pulled over by the Honolulu police several times for speeding and driving under the influence. While some fans believed that her arrests caused her character to get killed off on the show, producers said that her departure from the series had been planned prior to the season and her arrest. She lasted on the show for a year until her character was killed off through Michael’s gunshot.

What Are They Up To? Lost's Michelle Rodriguez

Immediately after her stint on Lost, Rodriguez’s film entitled The Breed was released. Directed by Nicholas Mastandrea, the horror film was about two brothers and their three friends who embark on a leisure trip on an island with unknown creatures. The cast also included Eric Lively, Oliver Hudson, Hill Harper, Taryn Manning, Nick Boraine and Lisa-Marie Schneider.

At present, Rodriguez is working on her clothing line called Ishkadada with her friend designer Dara Young. With some of the proceeds of her clothing line, she aims to help several charities involving children and nature. She is also currently learning how to DJ and developing her own “kid film project,” which she plans to produce next year. Later this year, her film The Battle in Seattle will be released, in which she plays the character Lou.

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