If you’re wondering what’s in store for LOST’s fourth season, wonder no more.  Aint It Cool News has apparently confirmed that the series will contain both Flash Forwards, as well as Flash Backs.  Most fans had assumed ‘the game changer’ (code named “The Snake in the Mailbox”) would either fade away like Season two’s arctic listening excursion, or would become the dominant theme.  Some even feared that the flash forward would represent the biggest stall tactic in LOST history and transport the action to the present, telling the island story in flash backs.

While we have little more to work with than Aint it Cooll News’s Mira Jeff’s assurance that he has verified the season would be both Flash Forward and Flash Back, it would make sense to go both ways.  There are still characters whose back-stories are incomplete, not to mention plenty of questions about the island’s history that can only be told by going backwards.  A good example of both points is the seemingly ageless character of Richard Alpert.

The next big download of info on season four probably will occur at the San Diego Comic-Con July where the LOST crew traditionally holds a very telling question and answers panel.  Comic Con has long been the origin of several LOST blockbusters; including season three’s forays into time travel.

A rumor that has yet to be disputed fully is that the flash forwards / flash backs actually represent some form of time travel by the survivors.  Such ideas resonate from the lunatic fringe of the LOST fan base, but the show has developed a culture where the craziest ideas tend to grow strong and live long without a direct correction from the show runners.

Lost will resume production in Mid-August and wrap in March, fans will have to wait until February of 2008 to see any new episodes though.

– Jon lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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