With LOST season three behind them, the creative team is taking a much needed breather before assembling the frame-work for season for.  Even though season four of LOST is just whimsy for the creators at this point, some details are apparently carved in stone and have begun leaking their way out to the LOST fan site community and forums.

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One of the more persistent rumors has been moved to the fact column:  Harold Perrineau has been approached to reprise his role as Michael, and Malcolm David Kelley has been approached to reprise the role of Walt.  Put this together with earlier comments from the producers that they had a plan to deal with Kelley’s growth spurts and it isn’t such a reach to assume the next detail;  season four will indeed feature flash forwards.

Also confirmed, however, is that season four of LOST will still have flash back sequences, although who and how many has not been determined yet.  The Flash Forward segment of the series is rumored to tell a linear chunk of story from the perspective of several characters, putting to rest the rumor that it was only Jack and Kate that made it off the island.

Production of LOST‘s fourth season will begin in mid-August and Wrap in March.  By the time LOST airs, more than ten episodes will have been completed, and after this year’s surprise ending was spoiled within weeks of the finale airing, fans are wondering if LOST producers will be as giving with information as they have been in the past.

Two weeks before the season three finale aired, indeed before it was even edited, a spoiler posted a complete synopsis of the episode on the popular news blog, Aint It Cool News.   The article was removed after a couple of days, but by that time the spoilers had spread to fan sites and forums across the internet.

No doubt keeping a lid on a backlog of ten or more episodes is going to a tough assignment for LOST producers, who have yet to comment on any extended security measures.

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