The best source of spoilers for Lost‘s final season might be the official press releases from ABC.  Each week they give a simple one-sentence description of the episode that gives nothing away, but they also provide the guest cast.

This is where all the pieces fall together and fans can get a sense of which memorable past characters will return in the episode.  The next episode, “Dr. Linus,” is obviously Ben-centric, and as you might expect, the guest cast features a few names from his past.

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Here are the familiar faces you’ll see in this week’s episode of Lost:

Alan Dale as Charles Widmore
Unless it’s a dream, this most likely means Widmore is still alive in the altverse and may still be connected to Ben.  Whatever the reason, seeing Widmore again is sure to answer a few questions and raise all new ones.

Tania Raymonde as Alex
This one is the biggest head-scratcher to me, because why would the daughter of a French woman show up in Ben’s altverse?  My best guess is that Alex doesn’t show up in the altverse, but rather as the Smoke Monster visiting Ben on the Island, just like in “Dead is Dead.”

Daniel Roebuck as Dr. Leslie Arzt
Based on the episode photos, we know Dr. Arzt is a teacher at the same school as Ben in the altverse.  Kudos to Daniel Roebuck, who is getting more screentime in the altverse than he ever got as a survivor on the Island.

Jon Gries as Roger Linus
Ben’s dad is also coming back, meaning that he probably wasn’t killed on Ben’s 28th birthday like he was on the original timeline.  The big question is whether he’s still a workman.

William Atherton as Principal Don Reynolds
Who doesn’t remember Atherton as the evil Walter Peck from Ghost Busters, or as the “Dick” reporter from the Die Hard movies?  Also worth noting is that, on the cave Sawyer visited at the end of “The Substitute,” Reynolds was one of the names written on the wall.

“Dr. Linus” airs Tuesday at 9pm on ABC.

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