As the pun on the title suggests, tonight’s Project Runway episode is going to get hard and handy.  We weren’t treated with an hour of Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum last week, but they’ll be back in a few hours with “Hard Wear.”

Obviously, the remaining designers will be making garments out of another peculiar material.  Their tools will be tools, once they step away from Mood and instead head for a hardware store.  Are we supposed to prepare ourselves for seeing robots down the runway tonight?

Well, not exactly.  We believe that the designers will be able to pull it off.  Just as long as their skills aren’t rusty, they’d be able to make it work.

Also, they really need to impress an extra couple for tonight’s Project Runway guest judges.  That’s right, there will be two big-shots joining Heidi, Nina and Michael.  That’s five people on the judging panel for “Hard Wear,” which means extra pressure for the contestants.

Seeing as how the designers are tasked to use hardware store products, we can bet they’ll come up with some shining and shimmering works.  As for splendid, that will be determined by jewelry designer Stephen Webster.

The other judge is Isabel Toledo, a New York-based fashion designer known for creating First Lady Michelle Obama’s inauguration day dress.  The outfit certainly garnered attention for the client, and of course for the talent behind it.  Hopefully, Isabel Toledo will be able to help out the aspiring Project Runway victors.

Below, you can catch the preview for tonight’s Project Runway episode, titled “Hard Wear.”  There aren’t any robots or even appearances from a lady Iron Man, but you can see the designers clanking away and hammering out their designs just to get things done.  

Actually, it isn’t just the contestants who’ll have a hard time here.  Imagine wearing those metal, not metallic, outfits and walking down the runway in them.  Those poor models, always having to suffer for fashion.

Catch “Hard Wear” as Project Runway airs tonight at 10pm on Lifetime.

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Maria Gonzalez

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