ABC has released a couple of clips (yes, two this early) from next week’s Lost episode, “Dr. Linus”. And, as the episode title suggests, it’s going to focus on Ben’s fortunes after the attack on the Temple, and in the alternate universe as a European history teacher.

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To be more specific, it’s more about how he deals with, as the official synopsis suggests, “the consequences of an uncovered lie.” This must be on the Island, and that’s where we begin.

Clip number one: the immediate aftermath of Flocke’s Temple bashing, leaving Dogen and Lennon dead, and Kate following Sayid and Claire for reasons she probably isn’t too clear on, too. Ben catches up with Ilana’s group and pulls off his characteristic zingers:

Clip number two centers on the alternate Ben, teaching kids about the life (and perhaps death) of French conqueror Napoleon Bonaparte. Judging from what he’s telling the kids, he really knows what he’s talking about.

The promos, perhaps misleadingly, said Ben will “face his demise”. Off the bat, I don’t think he’ll die. But what does all that mean?

(Image courtesy of ABC)