At this point, I think the best question is this: who isn’t returning?

Michelle Rodriguez is now also returning to Lost this season, adding her name to a roster of former cast members who will make an appearance in the ABC series’ final episodes.

Ana Lucia may have been killed off in the second season, but Entertainment Weekly reports she’ll be returning in at least one episode. Very wild guess: flash sideways. Either that, or Michael has to apologize to somebody else.

Rodriguez joins Harold Perrineau, Rebecca Mader, Cynthia Watros and Maggie Grace among the list of returning dead characters. Dominic Monaghan and Ian Somerhalder have previously returned.

Here’s an idea: bring Nikki and Paulo back. Kidding aside, though, how will Ana Lucia pop up again?

(Image courtesy of ABC)

Henrik Batallones

Staff Writer, BuddyTV