On last night’s season 3 finale of So You Think You Can Dance, Sabra Johnson was named America’s Favorite Dancer.  It’s hard to believe she only started dancing four years ago but she actually did.  Originally, Sabra hoped to be a design student but couldn’t afford school.  She had a friend who owned a dance studio and decided to take some classes.  In the end, her new path paid off for her, in more ways than one!  She sailed through the entire season, always giving passionate, energetic, and entertaining performances.  Sabra took the time out of her busy schedule to check in with BuddyTV to let us know what the last 24 hours have been like!

Hey everyone, this is Gina from BuddyTV and I am here with the winner of So You Think You Can Dance, Sabra. Sabra, congratulations.

Thank you.

Have you had any time to process what’s been going on in the last 24 hours?

No, not really, but it’s kind of sinking in since in all these interviews people have been saying “Oh, congratulations” and I’m like, “Oh yeah, I won.”

It still must be sinking in.

Yeah, it definitely is. It’s gonna take a good couple days.

Now they ended the show so abruptly last night. As soon as they announced you won, it was over.

I didn’t realize how much time there was, I wasn’t even thinking about that at the moment, but it was a live show, so all the dances had to be done under time so if it got later or anything…

Yeah, I was gonna say the show actually did a really good job at filling the two hours. So it was definitely a jam-packed show. I don’t even know how you can dance when it must be on your mind that you could be winning. How did you stay focused?

I was really nervous just about the dances, and because we knew it was over and so it was gonna be just a fun show. It was really just for fun, because it didn’t matter because there was no next week, there was no more voting so I was really nervous just about how my dances were gonna do. But I was just having fun because it was the end of the show.

Is there anything you wanted to say to your fans because the show ended so quickly you didn’t even get to respond to the fact that you won.

I know, I felt so bad because even the studio audience…I just wished I could’ve thanked them all but I just remember thinking I wanted to hug everybody around me, and that was the Top 20, I love them. But it would be so great if I could meet everybody, obviously that’s millions of people. That’s so crazy, but it would be great to be able to meet everybody and say thank you because they just gave that to me. I’m so grateful

You must be excited to go out on the tour and get to meet your fans all across the country, right?

I am. I’m overwhelmed and I don’t think I know what to expect quite yet until it happens, how big it actually is. It’s gonna be so much fun.

Speaking of the tour, what’s the schedule like for you now, will you go right into rehearsals for the tour?

Yeah. We have a week off, and then we go into rehearsals for like three weeks, and then we leave on tour and it’s just gonna be mad crazy. We’re gonna be dancing every single day, and we’ll be on a bus, and then dancing again, then on a bus. Nonstop for like three months.

Obviously the tour is gonna feature favorite routines throughout the season, but will it also feature original things that fans haven’t seen yet?

Yeah, I believe so. I know they’ve got something for some of the dancers. I’m sure group pieces will be added on too. Yeah, I think we’ll have some new pieces, but I’m not actually quite sure of anything yet, you know, if it’s gonna be duets or group pieces or anything like that, but there will be some originals and some of the favorites. Obviously it’s gonna be a really good show and we have Hok and Shauna and Jesus and Anya coming, so they’re all gonna get to do things also.

That was really great to hear last night, that they’d be joining you guys on the tour as well.

Yeah, we’re just so excited. I love everybody, so I’m really excited. I mean, the more people the better,

Is dancing something you’ve always been interested in, because they always say on the show that you’ve only been dancing for four years.

It was. I always liked it and thought about it. I hadn’t started until four years ago, because I knew a friend and she danced at her studio, and I could go there, but I was originally gonna go to design school, I just didn’t have the money to pay for it, so I just figured I’d stick to dancing and see what I could do with it for a couple of years until I had money to do something, go to design school. Obviously that’s over. You know, once I decided to start dancing, that’s when I stuck with it, that’s what I was gonna do, and this is where I am.

All the judges and choreographers got to pick their favorite moments of the season last night. Do you have a favorite moment besides, of course, the fact that you just won?

I know, besides that…

That’s your favorite moment!

One of my favorite pieces was definitely Jaimie and Hok. We did that last night. Also Neil and Lauren’s Wade piece also was just so much fun – the devil and the angel, that was amazing. Oh my gosh, the week of Top 6, all those numbers I thought were just amazing and I thought everybody did so well, I loved all of them. Any of Danny Tidwell’s solos. There were a lot of really good pieces.

And did you get to go out last night and celebrate after your win?

I did. You know, I got out, I had to hurry and go through some press and everything like that, and my mom was here and she couldn’t come to the after party, so my mom and one of my best friend’s were here. So we went out to eat, but we were just so quiet. They were tired and I started feeling sick. I just wanted to go eat with them, and then I went to the after party and we were there really late. I had a lot of fun, and it’s gonna be the last time I see a lot of those people, the crew and everything because they won’t be coming on tour, but that was the extent of my partying.

Well, we’re all so happy for you here at BuddyTV and we’re very excited to see you on the tour. I just want to congratulate you.

Thank you so much.

Have a great day.

You too.

– Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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Gina Scarpa

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