Yet, another Lost casting scoop has made its way onto the internet.  This time it concerns a mysterious Tall and Thin man that was described in a recent casting notice for ABC’s hit drama.  In addition to who will be playing this mysterious character, a new twist has arisen concerning some Lost casting news that was broken earlier this week.  Read on, but be aware of minor spoilers.

TV Guide’s Michael Ausiello has reported that the role of Arthur, a tall, thin, and ominous corporate recruiter will be played by The Wire alum Lance Reddick.  Besides starring on The Wire, Reddick also appeared on Oz with returning Lost regular Harold Perrineau.

Fans who keep their ears to the ground on casting calls will remember that prior to the appearance of Richard Alpert (Nestor Carbonell), his character was also described as a corporate recruiter.  When he appeared, it was to woo Elizabeth Mitchell’s Juliet to come work on the Island.  Could “Arthur” have a similar agenda?

Ausiello also updated his previous scoop that Soprano‘s guest star Ken Leung would be joining Lost by revealing that Leung is not in line for the role of Russell – a mysterious mathematician with a penchant for the paranormal – but instead will be taking on a top secret role that is known only to key Lost crew members AKA “The Powers That Be.”

That bit of ambiguity is more then enough to get Lost fans’ theory engines purring again.  Already, Leung’s nationality had the constantly computing brains of Lost’s hardcore fandom eyeballing the talented actor as a possible compatriot of Sun’s corporate-oppressor daddy, or even a younger version of the mysterious Dr. SomthingToDoWithCandles.

It seems to be evident with every casting scoop that Lost is intent on adding some actors with serious range.  Both Reddick and Leung are well known for being able to manifest intensity of the scary variety, but also capable of playing the cool intelligent types.  One can only guess what the focus on that range means for season 4.

– Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
Source: Michael Ausiello TV Guide
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