The Lost Blu Ray set finally has a box design.  Not strikingly different from the season 3 standard definition DVD box set,  the Blu Ray counterpart essentially adds some of the signature Blu Ray gradients to the border and replaces most of the green on the spine.  As for the set itself, still no word on whether or not Disney has included any additional High Definition materials for the set.

When we spoke to Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse several months ago, the market for High Definition series sets was still an unknown arena.  With the proliferation of consumer hardware picking up rapidly, thanks mostly to Microsoft’s HD-DVD add on for the Xbox 360, and Sony’s Blu Ray compatible Playstation 3, a lot of studios are entering the high definition market at the eleventh hour.

So far, our inquiries to Disney’s home video department have gone unanswered.  Surely, for fans, just having crisp 1080p transfers of the episodes would be a big enough draw.  The question is, will Disney make new prints or simply up sample from their current 720p broadcast standard.  Lost has never been broadcast in true 1080p.  Some broadcasters in the UK have transmitted the show at 1080p, but the prints were up sampled from 720p, which really means just more duplicated pixels.

Another question to contend with is behind the scenes extras.  Without anticipating a High Definition release, behind the scenes videos were likely shot on standard definition video.  This would, again, mean that content would not gain any significant clarity from the transfer to the higher bit rates and resolutions of Blu Ray.

With Lost not set to return until February, Disney/ABC have been reserved in general when it comes to discussing the DVD releases.  Such events are usually planned to coincide with the launch of the new season.  Keeping that in mind, it may be some time before ABC goes on the record with any Lost Blu Ray info.

– Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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