But at least she’s returning. Well, we already know that, and it’s a good thing–after all, Charlotte’s death after all those flashes last season can’t really be considered as closure. She was born on the Island? Yes! Why did her mother lie about its existence, calling the place a fragment of her imagination? I don’t know! And she won’t tell! But of course, she won’t.

All she could answer, actually, is this: “maybe.” As in, maybe they’d answer those questions when she returns to Lost‘s final season, which premieres on February 2.

Before all our theories, though, here’s the usual bit about how fun it’s been for her to return to the show. After all, it seemed she almost didn’t make it to the shooting in Hawaii. “I managed to squeeze it in between two movies,” she told TV Guide Magazine. “It was amazing. It is like going home. I’ve never gone back to a job before and this is like going back to the best cup of tea you ever had.”

Too happy, perhaps, that she decided not to ask questions about her character. “Before I read the script everyone kept saying, ‘Oh my God, this is great,'” she said. “And I was like, “Don’t tell me!” because I wanted to find out myself by reading the script. I think that’s the best way to discover things.”

She just wrapped up her scenes, which means we should expect Rebecca somewhere between episodes 7 and 8, although she’s hinting that this Lost gig may not be her last. Now, of course, the questions–although they remain more or less the same. Timeline reset, or a continuation of history?

(By the way, since we’re here, the folks at E! Online have clips from the blooper reel of the Lost season 5 DVD, which hits stores tomorrow. There’s this interesting clip on how they shoot those flashing scenes, which is funny without the white light. Who would’ve thought?)

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Henrik Batallones

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