After months of rumors and talks about former child star/tween idol turned drug and alcohol dependent Lindsay Lohan being a guest star on Ugly Betty, the deal was finally done and the 21-year-old actress began shooting her episodes.  Word has it that the young actress, who is struggling to get her career back on track, is enjoying her stay on the Ugly Betty set.  Moreover, series creator Silvio Horta says that it was fun working with such a great actress.

“Lindsay was terrific – a real pleasure,” Silvio Horta told Stuff.  “She came in early and was very pleasant.”

As for Lohan’s character, it seems that she’ll need her Mean Girls experience to back her up, since she will be playing something close to her character in the 2004 film.

“She plays a queen bee girl who Betty went to high school with,” Horta continues.  “Her character Kimberly appears in a flashback dodge ball game when she does the picking – it doesn’t turn out well for Betty.  They are going to run into each other in the present, when Kimberly’s life has taken a turn for the worst.”

Lindsay Lohan will be making her first appearance on Ugly Betty on its season finale, Episode 2.18, “Jump.”  In that episode, she will appear in a flashback of Betty’s high school days.  Lohan will do five more episodes for the show’s third season.

Meanwhile, the season finale, which is set to air on May 22, will follow Betty (America Ferrera) as she gets caught in between Henry (Christopher Gorham) and Gio, who both make a move to win her affections.  Betty also gets in the middle of a charity softball game which pits Mode magazine with Elle, whose star player happens to be supermodel Naomi Campbell, who guest stars and plays herself on the episode.

In other Ugly Betty News, the whole production of the highly anticipated series will be moving to New York.  This stems from the recent passing on of a bill that triples the amount of the New York’s film tax credit.  It follows that when films or TV shows complete at least three-fourths of their stage work at a qualified production facility, the production may avail of a 35% refundable tax credit.  The Ugly Betty staff and crew saw this as a great cost-cutter.  However, many of the staff, crew and actors of the show were a quite bothered about the move, which will force them to either endure a longer commute to work, or move into a pad nearby.

Catch more of Ugly Betty tonight at 9pm on ABC, but first check out the preview clips below for “Betty’s Baby Bump.”

-Valerie Anne del Castillo, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Stuff, Ugly Betty News
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Valerie Del Castillo

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