You know Professor Stein from The Flash and now you’ll get to know him even better on Legends of Tomorrow when he joins Rip Hunter’s quest to stop Vandal Savage. BuddyTV stopped by the Legends of Tomorrow set with a group of reporters and spoke with Victor Garber about Stein’s decision to leave his wife and home for this mission.

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“The prominent quality about Stein is that he is like a kid. His enthusiasm for the mysteries of the world kind of overtake everything,” Garber said.

“He’s sort of willing to fly blind and then pay the consequences and that’s what he’s doing now. He’s suddenly in this situation where he’s not home and where his wife’s separated and so he’s dealing with all that.”

Stein goes along with Rip Hunter out of a desire to make a difference. “The fact that they are on a mission, for him, the most important thing. And that overrides everything for better or for worse. There’s a lot of sacrifices. Sometimes at the end of your life you end up thinking, ‘Was it all worth it,'” Garber said.

Check out the video interview below for more, including the”daunting” the filming schedule, a Titanic reference and a trip to the 1970s.

Legends of Tomorrow premieres Thursday, January 21 at 8pm ET on the CW.

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