Peggy Carter has battled trained spies from the red room and sexism, but is she ready for the seedy underbelly of Hollywood? Marvel’s Agent Carter returns with our favorite agent packing her bags and heading west for surf, sun, and probably some murder along the way.

The show might be switching locales but Haley Atwell’s Peggy Carter is still in the driving seat, along with her trusty companion Jarvis. The switch of scenery will shake things up in the second season, as will the fact that she no longer has to hide her skills. 

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We sat down with stars Haley Atwell and James D’Arcy at San Diego Comic Con to attempt to pry some scoop about where the show would be going in season two and what we can expect from our favorite crime solving duo. Watch the full interview below:

Interview Highlights:

  • Haley Atwell’s shoes were so uncomfortable she took them off.
  • Season two takes place six months after the first season has finished and Peggy is off to Hollywood and Jarvis is there. 
  • “It’s a mixture of that bright gorgeous sunshine and palm trees versus the dark glamour of the crime scenes of the 1940s,” Atwell says of season two. 
  • There’s things like the Black Dahlia case and organized crime. “A lot of shenanigans for her to get involved in,” D’Arcy says. 
  • James D’Arcy confirms that we’ll meet Mrs. Jarvis this season, though at the time they hadn’t cast the actress yet. 
  • There’s a conversation about how Haley Atwell once didn’t think she would return to the Marvel universe. “It was an absolute privilege to come back as an old lady.” 
  • Is Atwell excited now that Peggy isn’t hiding who she is anymore? “I think it’ll mean she’ll be less isolated and less fearful of getting closer to people,” Atwell agrees.
  • Since Haley Atwell is a huge fan of Dubsmash, what song does she think Peggy Carter would Dubsmash if she could? Atwell immediately answers that Peggy would probably chose “Someone to Watch Over Me” because Captain America is gone.

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What are you most looking forward to in Agent Carter season 2? What trouble will Peggy get into? And what other songs do you think Peggy would Dubsmash? Sound off in the comments!

Marvel’s Agent Carter season 2 airs Tuesdays at 9pm EST on ABC.

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