Kyle XY star Matt Dallas Being a television star doesn’t always equal glitz and glamour.

Just ask Kyle XY stars Matt Dallas, April Matson and Jaimie Alexander.  All three have gone through some unpleasant experiences because of their involvement with the hit show, which aired its midseason finale last week.  For Matson and Alexander, on-set troubles resulted from glitches in the wardrobe department, while Dallas has had some strange encounters with avid female fans of the sci-fi series.

April Matson, known as Lori Trager on Kyle XY, said she found herself in a stressful situation while shooting a scene for the episode, “Free to Be You and Me.”

“I had a pretty traumatic episode when we were shooting the dance in episode 7 because I had to wear a backless shirt,” April Matson said.  “I didn’t really realize there would be a bra issue.  So I had these like stick-on gel things.

“There was like 50 extras, and the entire time, I’m sweating, and they’re like sliding down.  I was stressed out about it,” she continued.

Whereas Matson’s worries were over “gel things,” Alexander’s concern was rooted in devices called modesty patches.  In one scene of a different episode, Alexander, who plays Jessi XX, had to give off the appearance of being nude.  In order to achieve the effect, she was made to use the modesty patches.  However, Alexander quickly came to realize two things: modesty patches are not so helpful when filming in freezing weather, and worse, do not always stay where there are intended to stay.

“The modesty patches are not so modest.   I was like, ‘Hey, crew, nice to meet you guys.  And here’s my everything, and make it look good,’ ” Alexander said.

While Matson and Alexander faced difficulties on the set, Dallas experienced troubles of his own outside the set.  Being the show’s star, he has gained a large fan base, most of whom are deeply enamored with him and his on-screen persona.

“Everybody wants to see if I really don’t have a bellybutton,” Dallas said, referring to his character’s most telling trait.  “I’ve had some pretty interesting people come up to me.  I had one girl stick her tongue in my ear.  I had a lady at a bar in New York come up and just stick her hand underneath my shirt, touch my bellybutton, whisper in my ear, ‘I touched it.’ “

Kyle XY is expected to return with new episodes early next year.

-Lisa Claustro, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Fresno Bee
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