Due to the sudden cancellation of Veronica Mars after three seasons, many of its avid followers were left hanging with numerous questions surrounding the fate of the show’s characters.  The third season finale was never meant to close out the series. As such, the possibility of a Veronica Mars film remains a big deal for the show’s loyal fan base.

Hopes of the Veronica Mars faithful were dashed though, when series lead, Kristen Bell stated unequivocally last month that a film project wasn’t likely to happen.

“There is no future, unfortunately,” Bell said in a recent interview with MTV.  “Everybody’s really, really sad to see it go, and we all just keep e-mailing each other.  We’re just missing everyone.  [But] she has been laid to rest [and] may she rest in peace.”

Among the potential storylines that had been thrown around the rumor mill for the said flick follows Veronica Mars as she embarks on a career with the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  This came as a surprise to Kristen Bell herself, who further added that there had not been any talks regarding a motion picture.

“There’s [rumored] talk of a movie one day.  Maybe.  Who knows?  [But] we haven’t even discussed it,” the 27-year old actress said.

While uncertain whether the film will actually come to fruition, Bell remained open to the idea and expressed confidence in the writers of the series.

“Depends on how well I age,” Kristen Bell joked when asked how she felt about doing the film.  “But I’d go wherever [the writers] took me.  I think that they’ve always been utterly brilliant.”

In a recent interview with TV Guide‘s Michael Ausiello however, the actress hinted that a movie might actually be in the offing.

“I knew some things that were going to happen in season 4 that I’m not going to dare say, ’cause that’s probably what the movie is going to be about,” Bell intimated.

-Rosario Santiago, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: MTV, TV Guide
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