To prepare ourselves for the crazy, perhaps catastrophic premiere of America’s Next Top Model: All Stars, let’s familiarize ourselves with the contestants. We know a lot about these ladies from their time on the show, but what have they accomplished since then? What mysterious mystical force convinced them to take another shot at the much-coveted and often laughed-at title? Was it Tyra?

Some of these questions will be answered throughout this week, when we take a look back at the lives of these All-Star contestants. We’ll also highlight a few of their best moments on America’s Next Top Model.

We have the fiery personality Bianca Golden up for you today, so read on.

Original Cycle: Cycle 9, 2007

Placed: 4th

Age: 22

Has Modeled For:  BET’s Rip The Runway, Essence, Cosmopolitan, The Source, Farah Angsana Spring 2010 presentation

Don’t Miss This All-Star Clip of Bianca

Frank and loud, Bianca became known for her feuds on America’s Next Top Model. She didn’t just get into fights with the other girls because of her harsh words, she also got into trouble during photoshoots. Well, mainly because she kept picking on the other girls at the time. All because she wanted to stay true to herself.

Bianca had arguments with Lisa, Saleisha, Chantal, and Heather. She probably would’ve bickered with the sliding glass door for being in her way. But despite her constantly insufferable attitude and shaved head meltdown, she still had enough modeling skills to be a Final Four contestant.

After joining the other girls in Shanghai, she was sent home for her stiff poses at the Great Wall of China. Though Bianca believed she improved from her last photo, the judges thought she didn’t demonstrate her talent as well as the others did.

Since her departure, she continued to pursue a career in the industry and signed with Major Model Management, in New York, Fusion Model Management in South Africa, Ford Models in Chicago and Click Models in Boston. That might be a lot to take in, but not for Bianca.

Driven to win, she competed on Project Runway as a model, and has appeared on pages of magazines like Essence and Cosmopolitan. Seems like starting bout after bout of drama won’t stop you from going far after all.

Check back tomorrow as we look at another contestant from America’s Next Top Model All-Stars. And set your calendars for the show’s premiere on September 14.

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