Last night on America’s Next Top Model, Tyra Banks threw her newest judge, PR maven and experienced reality TV instigator Kelly Cutrone, into the fray like a human grenade, asking her to supervise the 12 remaining British and American models on their two-day photo shoot, in which the models had complete control, from concept all the way down to hair and makeup. Of course, Tyra likely did this knowing full well, from shows like The Hills and The City, that Cutrone’s supervision methods consist mainly of yelling orders and critiquing every tiny mistake.

Kelly Cutrone on 'ANTM: British Invasion' Quitter Louise: My PR Minions Will 'Take Her Down'

The stakes were high — and tensions were, too. So it was never really a question whether Cutrone — whom the girls called “scary” and “terrifying” — would find a way to pick a fight. The question was with whom.

And it wasn’t long before we got our answer. Headstrong British model Louise Watts didn’t take kindly to what she called Kelly’s “rude” comments. They clashed on set, when Kelly repeatedly lectured Louise for running around (which made Louise furious, because she was only running to get things done), and then again at judging panel, when Kelly told her, “You need to put some gratitude in your attitude.” A communal tongue-lashing from the judges, and Kelly, in particular, became too much for Louise, and she stormed out of judging and off the show. Outside the set, a screaming and crying Louise declared, “That f*cking Kelly Cutrone, I swear if she was on the street, I would knock her out!”

At the time, Kelly tried to let the fight go, telling Louise, “I’m done talking to you now” right before her meltdown, and even admitting during deliberation that she was ready to “eat [Louise’s] rudeness,” because the model’s photo was so strong.

But not so today. Cutrone is now blasting Louise to Life & Style magazine, saying, “Louise was completely inappropriate and ignorant on set, and I asked her to calm down. She ran off and shut down our shoot for two hours. She threatened to physically abuse me. That’s not a fight, it’s a tantrum.”

And she has a threat of her own for Watts: “She better watch out, because I run with wolves. I have an army of PR girls that will take her down!” Strong fighting words from a woman who was so focused on promoting positive energy and gratitude in last night’s episode.

Despite the altercation, Cutrone tells the mag that judging on Top Model has been “one of the best jobs I’ve had in my life!” But don’t expect her to tone down her feedback. Instead, Cutrone jokes: “I’m going to need a bodyguard next season!”

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