I’ve been waiting for someone else besides Colton to step up with either gameplay or nonsense. This episode had two people. Kim is playing a good game now, and Tarzan is in his own crazy world. In a game that had no strategy up to day 11, it seems like Kim is putting everything together. She has a strong core alliance, a micro alliance with Chelsea, and an Immunity Idol. She is going deep this season. Every season has a couple characters, and casting hit gold with Tarzan. Is he really this goofy and awkward, or is this part of his strategy? Either way, I’m digging it. Here are the top 10 tweets for this week’s episode: 

Recap: “A Bunch of Idiots”

#10. @Dianawatt: Colton is the dumbest player in Survivor, [his] plays [are] ruled by pettiness instead of what will make him strongest @ merge.

– I don’t think Colton was playing any kind of game at the beginning, but do not be confused, he is really playing now. 

#9. @Jefflocker: Amazed at how incredibly lame and unlikable the Survivor cast is. and the producers blew it w/ tonight’s “twist.”

– I don’t think so Jeff. This cast is starting to grow on me, and I assume this “twist” was planned in case the tribes ever evened up at 7 or 8 each. 

#8. @Cochransdad: I was going to make a joke about her hiding the idol in her crotch…then she actually did it. 

– Kim is playing a good game, and she just guaranteed at least a top 6 finish with that idol find. Where else was she going to hid it?

#7. @Lex_ariff: I’d stick the buffs into the holes at the bottom of the bucket. 

– That is a good idea. I also thought that maybe they should have tilted the bucket to one side to cut down on the amount of holes that the water could go through.  

#6. @Robcesternino: Duh!! Didn’t Kim watch last season? You always have to pray to the Lord before you can look for an idol! 

– Of course. God really cares about who finds the idol on Survivor!  

#5. @Robcesternino: I love that Tarzan doesn’t know who somebody is on his tribe in the fifth episode. Classic!

– Tarzan is a plastic surgeon. His stupidity has to be part of his game. No way can anyone be that aloof and perform surgery on humans for a living. 

#4.@Survivorshannon: How fair is that Michael against the midget?!? Wtf Jeff Probst, put the little man against a chick!

– Initially I thought that Leif was going to be a detriment in challenges, but then he performed well, until I saw tonight’s episode. You have to think that once they get to the merge, Leif is going to have some problems if there are challenges that favor non-height challenged people. 

#3. @Wisegy04: When Jeff Probst says you’re awesome, you are awesome! 

– Thank God for Tarzan and Colton. They are the only two entertaining characters this season.  

#2. @Troy_zan: Tarzan has quite the package.

– That bikini needs to be destroyed!

#1. @Monicaculpepper:  Thing I took with me… Proud to be a part of the Survivor family!!! I played with all my heart! And got it stomped on!

– Monica was one of those people who you didn’t think much of early on. I just thought that she was a trophy wife. It turned out though that she is a strong woman, a natural leader, and she could have probably athletically beaten the majority of the men. She deserves to be brought back for an All Star season.

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