This week on Survivor, the girls relish in last week’s stunning events, as they have one more body than the men’s team. Colton’s feeling good too, as he’s got his whole tribe in the palm of his hand. But those celebrations don’t last too much longer …

“Greek Gods vs. Peasants”

It’s time to create a Colton quote board. That comes out of his mouth in the reward challenge — but first! Host Jeff Probst announces that the current teams will dissolve, and it’s a whole new game. I wonder how much of this had anything to do with the men’s switcheroo from last week, which is just as stupid today as it was a week ago. It seems a little too convenient that it’s no longer men vs. women. Colton looks the most shocked.

He’s on the new Manono tribe with Tarza, Christina, Leif, Alicia, Monica and Jones, which means the Salani tribe consists of Kim, Jay, Troyzan, Michael, Chelsea and Sabrina. These teams are so unbalanced, it’s not even funny. How did all the muscle end up on one team?

With these newly-formed tribes, they participate in the reward challenge for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, coffee — and the right to stay at the current beach home. The losing team will have to create a whole new camp elsewhere.

It’s a water-filling bucket challenge, where the teams have to race getting enough water to lift up their flag. The problem is, the bucket has holes in it.

Poor Monica falls right on her butt twice. Each team is neck and neck, and Manono gets their final bucket back first — but it’s not enough. Salani fills theirs with enough water, and becomes the winner.

Settling In and New Alliances Form

It’s a good day for the Salani tribe. They don’t have to move, they have their sandwiches and coffee — and end up catching crabs (were they big or what?) and a chicken.

It already looks like Michael might by Salani’s first victim when they land at tribal council after Jay, Troyzan and Kim come together. Kim ends up finding the idol, which she clues Chelsea in on (secret partners!)

Meanwhile, on the Manono side, it looks like the men are sticking together. Why they don’t come together to bounce Colton is beyond me because again, like before, he does absolutely nothing to help his tribe set up their new home. I’m ready for him to leave. Like, last week.

The Immunity Challenge

It’s a game of water basketball, and it’s absolutely ridiculous. I’m watching and falling out of my chair laughing because Michael pushes people off him like they weigh nothing — like Leif for instance. Everyone is ruthless in this challenge and seeing grown men trying to steal a ball from Colton’s death grip was quite the sight to see.

At first, it seems like a slam-dunk (see what I did there?) for Salani but Monica comes up big and pulls Manono within one. But Salani emerges victorious with immunity.

Is it just me or have these competitions been really … uninspired? I don’t know what I’m expecting, but it’s certainly not water basketball, as amusing as it was.

Up To His Old Tricks

The men of Manono decide to target Monica. She’s strong, seems pretty fearless — makes total sense. Sure, just keep losing challenges and keep getting sent to council. But the women are led to believe that Tarzan’s the one who has to go.

At tribal council, the women — namely Monica and Christina — are shocked that Monica is booted. Alicia flipped and went with the men. I hate that devilish look on Colton’s face that’s been getting a lot of airtime since last week.

Looks like Colton’s back in charge again.

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