One of my joys of watching Big Brother 12 is getting to play Friday morning quarterback. Did the HGs evict the right person and this week the question is even bigger: Did Matt blindside the right person?

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All week I’ve championed the idea of Matt turning against the Brigade and turning against Hayden or Enzo. However, now that I’ve seen everything play out, I realize that, just like Matt’s deal not to put up Rachel and Brendon in week 3, he was right and I was wrong.

Evicting Kathy was the smart choice.

First, it created no enemies in the house. Everyone was growing tired of Kathy in the house, assuming she was aligning with Brendon and that she was the Saboteur. By putting her up, Britney, Ragan, Lane, Enzo and Hayden are all happy.

Second, Matt re-established his connection with the Brigade. If he really was in too deep with Ragan, he could’ve easily betrayed the Brigade. Since he didn’t, it’s proof that he’s more loyal to them that they thought he was.

Third, evicting Kathy also helped to evict a wild card. The best part of playing Friday morning quarterback is that we can make judgments based on actual outcomes as opposed to hypothetical ones. Britney winning HoH ensures that Brendon will be evicted so long as he doesn’t win the Power of Veto.

It also means that, next week, if Brendon is evicted, the four Brigade members will go against Ragan for the double eviction HoH, giving them a great opportunity to get rid of Britney or Ragan and head into the final five with the Brigade intact.

Finally, evicting Kathy turns out to benefit others, particularly Ragan, who had the best day ever. Let’s look at his accomplishments:

-His best friend, Matt, stayed in the house.

-His second best friend, Britney, won HoH.

-After all the nasty comments Rachel made to him when she returned, he can take pleasure in her total misery upon seeing Kathy walk into the jury house.

-He won $20,000 for completing his Saboteur assignments.

-His time as the Saboteur is over, relieving any stress he had.

-Everyone is now 100 percent convinced that Kathy was the Saboteur, throwing all suspicion off of him.

The only person this was bad for was Brendon, the “big dummy” himself, who is now almost guaranteed to be evicted. However, I don’t want to kick a Bigfoot when he’s down, so I will acknowledge that he handled himself surprisingly well given how much he got screwed over. Most people from past seasons in his position would’ve freaked out and caused a huge scene, but Brendon has apparently decided to seethe on the inside.

It’s obviously very difficult for him to contain himself and try to take the moral high road, but I genuinely give him credit for trying. However, since I officially love Matt more than any other Big Brother HG ever (yes, he has surpassed Dr. Will in my book), Brendon’s feelings don’t matter that much to me.

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