This episode of Big Brother 12 is all about Brendon’s misguided quest for revenge. After Rachel gets evicted Brendon vows to win HoH and punish those who he blames for getting her out. The misguided part comes when he makes it personal.

Brendon is under the delusion that evicting Rachel was a personal attack against their love. If the decision was personal, they would’ve evicted the person they hate the most, which would be Brendon. Instead, they evicted the person who’s won two HoHs, which is the opposite of personal. However, a Neander-tal man wouldn’t understand that.

Brendon’s Revenge

First he wins the HoH for Rachel. Then he names Britney, Ragan and Matt the Have-Nots for the week because of how they treated Rachel. He really doesn’t realize that he’s the only one making this personal. Despite Hayden and Enzo pushing him to nominate Britney and Ragan, Brendon decides to target Ragan and nominate him against a pawn, Lane.

On the Sidelines

The brilliance of the Brigade is that they each have their own sidelines, secondary alliances that they can try to control. Matt has Raga, Lane has Britney and now Hayden and Enzo have partnered up with Brendon. The only problem is that Hayden and Enzo are already thinking about life after the Brigade, saying that they trust Brendon more than they trust Matt. It’s amazing that Matt has had his sideline for so long and still seems loyal to the Brigade, but Hayden and Enzo are willing to throw Matt under the bus after a few days of being in a new sideline alliance with Brendon.

Britney’s Suicide Attempts

In one of the ongoing themes of the season, Britney’s diary room sessions feature her talking about the numerous ways she’d prefer to die rather than have to endure Brendon’s awfulness.

-During the HoH competition, she briefly considers falling headfirst into the water and drowning herself so she doesn’t have to listen to Brendon.

-Rather than see Brendon’s HoH room, Britney would rather fall down the spiral staircase and break her neck.

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