For the first time this season, I’m heading into a Big Brother 12 live eviction episode not knowing who will go home. Lane and Matt are on the block, and if you asked the HGs, they say Matt will be evicted 4-1. However, he has the Diamond Power of Veto, which will change everything.

Matt has tried dropping hints, talking all week about what would happen if someone has a special power. Sadly, no one seems to take him that seriously, which could spell their demise. I’m certain Matt will use it and I’m certain that whoever he nominates will be evicted, but I’m not sure who that will be at the start of the episode.

In other words, it’s the most exciting Big Brother 12 episode yet. And it’s not even a double eviction extravaganza.

First, Julie Chen finally clarifies the fact that the Diamond PoV cannot be used on the HoH or regular PoV winner.

Brendon is so proud of himself for doing exactly what Rachel told him to do via pretzels because he’s a loyal dog (I mean boyfriend). Even sadder than Brendon’s attitude is Ragan crying over Matt’s wife’s “illness.” Luckily, Matt finds a little amusement in the fact that Ragan has no idea about the Diamond PoV.

Matt also grows suspicious that Kathy didn’t immediately tell him about Rachel’s pretzel message. However, he also feels out the Brigade and grows resentful that Enzo seem to be conspiring to evict him. Basically, Matt is in the hardest position ever because there are huge pros and huge cons to any replacement nominee.

The Saboteur: Ragan finally does something kind of cool and puts a note under Enzo’s pillow saying “I Know Your Secret.” It’s even funnier because Ragan has no idea that Enzo really does have a big secret: The Brigade. Everyone also thinks that Kathy is the Saboteur because she made Enzo’s bed and Enzo also thinks that the “S” stands for “Sheriff.” He wants a Scooby Snack, but idiocy doesn’t get a reward.

Julie Time: Ragan has no regrets about his huge fight with Rachel, even though she’s on the jury. Lane wants Muscle Milk, which he says tastes like Thanksgiving dinner in milk. Between this and spotlighting, I officially love Lane. She also lets everyone know that the Saboteur’s sabotaging is done.

Hometown Visits: We get to find out what Britney and Lane’s families think about their friendship in the house. Britney’s mom is every bit the polished southern diva you’d think she is. Meanwhile, Lane’s mom  is pure country and she loves her little boy.

Diamond Power of Veto Time!

Matt saves himself and nominates … KATHY!

Matt’s speech is kind of mean to Brendon and then he does a total fake out and calls Brendon a big dummy. He whips out the Diamond Power of Veto, everyone is shocked and Julie explains it.

It’s kind of a waste for the special power as I was hoping Matt would turn on the Brigade, but maybe this can bring the Brigade closer than ever. Despite being blind-sided, Kathy’s speech is very classy. Good for her, because anyone else in this house would’ve lost it.

Hayden votes to evict…KATHY
Enzo votes to evict…KATHY
Ragan votes to evict…KATHY
Matt votes to evict…KATHY
Britney votes to evict…KATHY


This is hilarious, as is watching everyone who passes through the diary room corridor high-fiving over Matt’s play. Ragan in particular is beaming.

Kathy leaves with a ton of class, telling Matt that it’s OK and making sure someone will feed her fish. Inside the house Matt and everyone else joke around, except Brendon, who is seething. Kathy also admits that she didn’t throw the Zingbot PoV, she genuinely fell off.

HoH Competition!

After a bunch of endurance competitions, we’re back to a simple quiz about a game of Simon Says Big Brother played with the HGs yesterday. It’s just true or false.

Ragan and Hayden are out first.
Matt is out second.
Lane is out third.
Enzo is out fourth.


Wow, good for her. Three PoVs and now an HoH? She is killing it.

The Have-Nots this week get America’s Choice of:

Artichokes and anchovies
Broccoli and bean dip
Prunes and pimento loaf

If I know America half as well as I think I do, it’ll be prunes and pimento loaf.

Next Thursday is the DOUBLE EVICTION! Yes, the most exciting night of the season, this is going to be a fantastic week, if only because Britney will probably bring back “Just the Tip,” the nightly talk show in the house.

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