Between the controversial “Catch VD” campaign and the general gorgeousness (yes, that’s a word) that is Ian Somerhalder, the buildup for tonight’s return of The Vampire Diaries is hotter than the sun rays those beautiful vamps have to avoid.

Resident witch and all around genuinely nice person Kat Graham (Bonnie Bennett) spoke with me about the possibility of a Bonnie-Jeremy hookup, a musical episode of TVD and her favorite hot spots in Atlanta. Here’s a hint: She’s a dancing queen.

What sort of future do you see for Bonnie and Jeremy? Can she get over the friend’s-little-brother thing? Or the obsessed-with-vampires thing?     

Kat: The show can go in any direction and that’s why people love it. I agree with that philosophy and have gotten so used to picturing it going in any direction and actually being happy with it, whether she ends up being Jeremy’s girlfriend or whether it winds up not working. Whatever might be her inner dialogue as to why she wouldn’t go in any direction romantically? I’m kind of neutral with it. I don’t know what direction it can go.      

How strong are Bonnie’s friendships with Elena and Caroline? How do you see those relationships evolving?  

Kat: Really, really well. For a while it was a bumpy road; there where a lot of secrets and withheld information and a lot of exclusion. Now that everyone is very honest with who they are as people and what their choices are with each other, they’ve really grown very close. You will definitely see a lot more Bonnie, Elena and Caroline scenes, which is great because it really takes them back to fact that at the end of the day they’re still high school girls.    

What can you tell us about Bonnie’s unseen parents? 
Kat: Nothing (laughs). I don’t know.    
Will we ever get a chance to hear Bonnie sing on the show? 

Kat: No. I’ve always said that I like to keep things separate, believe it or not. You would think, “Hey, I’m on this big show, I’m going to take advantage of that.” But I actually, surprisingly, am not extremely huge on the idea because the character Bonnie Bennett is a 17-year-old girl from a small town. Her style kind of reflects that and reflects her; she’s kind of a hippie. 

I feel like if I do my music, as much as possible I’d like it to represent who I am, Kat Graham, and I’d like it to be very much my style and my sense of being. If I’m not doing that, I don’t know what necessarily the point of me performing it is.

That being said, is there any chance for a musical episode? 

Kat: Everyone keeps asking us about it! Like I said, if I’m not myself in music I’ll kind of be like “OK, you know?” I’m not the biggest fan of musicals; I’m a bit more edgy, and I like to keep things dark. It could happen. If the writers say “Jump!” I’ll say, “How high and what do you want me to wear?” I really like how serious the show is and the great moments and how everything is so life and death. I love that; I love the creep factor. I don’t want to take that away.    

I have a few questions for you submitted by fans. The first one comes from Jason Lawson (@snowballx) via Twitter: Will we be seeing Bonnie getting more powerful as the season progresses? 

Kat: Yes and no. That’s all I can say.  

From multiple fans on our Vampire Diaries Ultimate Fan Page on Facebook: Which one of your costars are you closest with on and off set?              

Kat: All the girls and I are really close. We’re all close as a cast, but when I’m in Atlanta, every weekend it’s Candace, me, Nina and Sarah. We’re like the Charlie’s Angels, you know?

And Lashanda Preston wants to know: Do you like Atlanta? Where do you go to have fun? 
I love Atlanta! It took me a while to create a real home here because I’m a total Californian, and I just love California and LA. But I really like it here. 

I hang out at Candace’s house. We have game night, which is really fun. We invite some of the crew members and some of the cast. We go to the movies a lot. I love the gay clubs out here; there’s really amazing gay music/entertainment scene out here. And lots of yummy, yummy restaurants; there’s amazing food out here.

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