The most interesting and exciting change for season 10 of American Idol was the announcement of the new judges. It was necessary to revitalize the show, and you’ll never hear me complain about losing Kara, or having three judges instead of four. I will miss Simon, though. Simon became an icon and created a template for other reality show judges to measure up to. “Who’s the Simon of the bunch?” we would ask ourselves when presented with a new panel of judges.

But FOX is telling us that no one is the new Simon. No one can be, but where will the brutal honesty come from? Who will sit there like they’re completely over the whole thing? Who’s going to tell auditioners they should never open their mouths again? So maybe it’s not such a bad thing Simon’s leaving …

So here are my predictions for the roles the new judges might fill:

Steven Tyler: Wacky but Chill
The Aerosmith frontman is sure to give us many quotes and memorable moments. Whether or not he will remember them remains to be seen. But hey, at least he’s not as bad as Paula; he’s fun wacky, not basically-asleep wacky. And the man is not without feelings, TMZ reports that at least one contestant’s audition makes him cry.

Check out this interview Steven Tyler did with Jimmy Fallon, where he just puts his feet all over the furniture because he lives in the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle! He’s a legend and he might not know what’s going on all the time!

Jennifer Lopez: The Nice One (with a Hint of Sass?)
Because she is, after all, just Jenny from the Block. Based on the 23-minute preview I saw, the judges are kinder and gentler in general. When someone is awful, they don’t tell them to go home and kill themselves after beheading whoever told them they could sing, they simply tell them, “no.” But does J. Lo have some secret sass? Will she be resident diva, Ryan Seacrest‘s new rival? It seems like they might be setting up a rivalry, if not a more friendly one than the one between Simon and Ryan. There were a couple times I thought Simon might try to strangle Ryan, and I was excited by it. Anyway, here’s new nice judge Jennifer Lopez talking with former nice judge Ellen DeGeneres on Ellen.

This brings me to Randy Jackson, who has never had much of a personality on the panel. With the judges back down to three and Randy as the resident American Idol expert, though, it’s his time to shine. That is why BuddyTV will be on official Randy Jackson Personality Watch for season 10. Will he be mean? Can he try to be even more laid-back than Steven Tyler? Is Randy cool now? Inspirational? WE DON’T KNOW! Stay strong, Randy, we’ll be watching!

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