Here they go again. Survivor announced the final two contestants for the upcoming season, Redemption Island, and they’re two men who you’ve probably heard of. Boston Rob Marciano and Russell Hantz will both return for another shot at the million dollars.

This marks Russell’s third appearance on the show and Boston Rob’s fourth. Russell competed on season 19 Samoa as well as the Heroes vs. Villains season. He made the finale on both, but didn’t win. This means Russell will appear on three of the four most recent seasons.

Boston Rob first appeared on the fourth season in Marquesas, returned for the first All-Stars season where he finished second to his future wife, Amber Brkich, then showed up again on Heroes vs. Villains. He’s also appeared on two seasons of The Amazing Race.

I know these are two of Survivor‘s most famous competitors, but I’m getting tired of bringing them back. For most people, the chance to win a million dollars on a TV show is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. For Boston Rob, this is his sixth chance. At some point the producers have to realize that, no matter how good these two are, they aren’t going to win.

Even with the Redemption Island twist, these two are certainly going to get voted out quickly. The 16 new castaways would be total morons to keep them around, even if they’ve never won.

Just once it would nice if a season of Survivor didn’t rely on gimmick casting. There are always all-stars or celebrities trying to go head-to-head with regular castaways. Does the show have so little faith in a new cast of people that they need to bring back old favorites?

Survivor: Redemption Island premieres Wednesday, February 16 at 8pm on CBS.

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