I applaud American Idol for what they did last night.  Every one of the Top 8 singers were told to choose an “inspirational” song.  What this basically meant is that they were allowed to sing any song that was available.  What’ someone finds inspirational is completely subjective.  American Idol, last night, was therefore a free-for-all.  Each singer picked their favorite song from the available list and gave a very telling performance.  A couple singers are completely in tune with who they are as artists (Jason Castro, Brooke White and Kristy Lee Cook).  Others aren’t.  What the episode didn’t leave us with was a clear idea about who will be eliminated come Thursday.  Fellow BuddyTV writer John Kubicek and I have our ideas and we discuss them below in a special audio mp3 recording. 

John’s Bottom 3:
6th: David Cook
7th: Michael Johns
Going Home: Carly Smithson

Oscar’s Bottom 3:
6th: Michael Johns
7th: Carly Smithson
Going Home: Syesha Mercado 

As you can see, we both believe that Carly and Michael will find themselves in the bottom three.  John makes the somewhat crazy argument that David Cook is going to make his first appearance in the bottom three.  His point is that, given the way the season has gone so far, we have to stop looking at past performance.  While that argument may have merit, I still don’t think David Cook will be in the bottom three. I felt that Syesha gave a pretty good performance of a boring song.  We both agree that Carly’s performance was baffling.    Again, to get the full gist of the conversation, I advise you check out the mp3.  I’ve been a bit under the weather today, so if you believe I said anything dumb, chalk it up to a cold.  John, on the other hand, has no excuse. 

Other Topics of Discussion:

The Rise of Kristy Lee Cook

Voting Patterns

Carly Smithson’s Baffling Performance 

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-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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Oscar Dahl

Senior Writer, BuddyTV