Big Brother 9 is getting on my nerves.  The season could have gone two ways – the dual couple alliance of James/Chelsia and Joshuah/Sharon could have prevailed, or it could have gone down as it actually has, with Team Christ becoming the dominant alliance.  Those two couples, to me, were infinitely more entertaining than Ryan, Natalie, Adam, and Sheila.  Now, with Natalie and Ryan getting a bulk of the face time, it’s getting difficult to watch.  I don’t much like these people and I’m not going to be happy with Big Brother at the end of the season unless either Adam or Sharon win the whole thing, which isn’t likely.  Tonight, a humongous Power of Veto competition went down and the results were, like the season currently is, disappointing.

Big Brother 9: Week 9 Power of Veto Recap

Baller is an Idiot, Says Team Christ

Adam, after making the controversial decision to not nominate James, is raked over the coals by his alliance members.  Natalie is pissed off, Ryan is super pissed off and Sheila is completely irate.  Sheila yells at Adam immediately after the nomination ceremony.  The reasons are obvious – they all want James gone.  Sharon and James generally stay out of it.  Later, Adam realizes the errors of his ways and is pissed off at himself.  Maybe he’s not and just wants to get on his team’s good side, but he apologizes to everybody quite profusely.  In the end, he gets back on good terms with everyone. 

The Rain Gods Collude with Jesus Christ

The Power of Veto ceremony involves a large statue of a rain god for no apparent reason.  The game is this: everyone stands on a slab and is asked a question whose answer will be on of the days they’ve spent in the Big Brother house (for example, “Day 48”).  After the question is asked, the players have to search the backyard for stones with numbers written on them to make the day for their answer.  Whoever is furthest away from the correct answer is eliminated.  James gets eliminated in the middle, and Ryan ends up winning. 

Back on the Block

At the veto ceremony, Ryan uses the veto on Sheila.  Adam puts up James in his place.  Barring a miracle, James will be evicted tomorrow night.

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