Big Brother is a marathon.  The live feed watchers will always be miracle workers to me, because simply watching the three televised episodes a week sometimes feels excessive.  It’s a grind.  But, for Big Brother fans, it’s part of the gig.  This season is more difficult than others (or will start to be in the coming weeks) because it’s not being aired in the summer against a less stacked schedule.  With all of the big shows back on the air, devoting three hours a week to Big Brother isn’t going to get easier.  After Sunday’s episode, the events in the Big Brother house made the remainder of the season look rather promising.  Adam, as the Head of Household, declined to nominate James.  What did the Power of Veto competition and ceremony bring? 


Adam implored his alliance members (or Team Christ, for those of you who aren’t opposed to using the most annoying Big Brother alliance nickname ever) on Sunday to give it their all in the Power of Veto competition.  Well, it looks like they took Adam’s words to heart.

At the PoV competition, Ryan won the Power of Veto.  I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that luck played a large part in this victory.  Ryan hasn’t been too much of a competition performer this season.  Nonetheless, he won the PoV and then proceeded to remove Sheila from the block.

Adam, right on cue, back-doored James.  So, now James and Sharon find themselves nominated, just as everyone assumed would happen.  I don’t see any way out of this for James.  He’s probably going home on Wednesday.  Happily for him, James will get time with his lady friend Chelsia in the sequester house.  Those should be good times, especially considering the inevitable gay porn press questions both will receive after the season ends.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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