How will the house react to Adam’s decision to not nominate James at Sunday’s Big Brother nomination ceremony?  I suspect that most of tonight’s episode will deal with this question.  Sheila will likely go on a rampage, and I’m guessing neither Ryan nor Natalie are going to be all that pleased with what Adam has done.  Then, of course, is the all-important Power of Veto competition.  It’s probably the most important competition of the season on Big Brother.  I’ll be here throughout the episode updating with live thoughts. 

Big Brother 9: Week 9 Power of Veto, Live Thoughts

Everyone in his alliance is pissed at Adam.  Ryan even calls his nominations cowardly, which doesn’t make any sense at all.  Sheila, most of all, is on a rampage.  She yells at Adam and tells him that she would never have put Sheila on the block.  I have no sympathy for Sheila here.

Sheila and Ryan talk smack about Adam together.

Ryan comes in all big and tough and asks what will happen if James wins PoV and takes Sharon off the block.  Sheila continues to be angry.

Sheila and Adam have a more adult conversation, and they seem to make amends.  At this point, Adam doesn’t really understand why he did what he did. 

Adam apologizes to every one of his alliance members, especially Ryan.  They understand that they need to win the PoV.  Natalie doesn’t trust James, James doesn’t trust Natalie – I just summed up five minutes of TV.  Natalie tries to make a deal with James, but Sharon talks some sense into James.  I think.

Sharon and James have a lengthy, sad heart-to-heart in bed one night.

Sheila is being the mom.  She’s cleaning and picking up after everyone else.  She’s whining about it. 

For the Power of Veto competition, everyone is playing.  They have to please a large statued rain god.  They will be asked questions asking which day certain Big Brother events happened this season.  Numbers are written under rocks across the yard.  Whoever is furthest from the correct day is sacrificed to the rain god. The catch is they have to find the numbers around the yard.  Because she’s dumb.  And, since it’s the rain god, they are doused with water after every question. 

Sheila is eliminated next – she and James were tied furthest away from the correct answer, but James returned with his answer first.

James is eliminated next.  Weak.

Sharon is gone next, and it’s down to Ryan and Adam.  Adam gives the PoV to Ryan – they answer the same day, but Ryan returns to first.

Ryan wins the PoV.

Natalie calls this PoV win Matt’s birthday gift.  I just vomited.  Team Christ has a dance party.  Stop talking about Matty, Natalie.  Please, please, please.  Sharon tells Sheila that James told her that Natalie was trying to work with James.  Sheila understands – she doesn’t really trust Natalie either. 

James tries to convince Ryan to not use the veto, or at least convince Adam to not put him up if the veto were used.  I think this is too little too late from James.

Time for the PoV ceremony, and it goes just as planned.  Ryan uses it to take Sheila off the block and Adam puts up James in her place.

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