On tonight’s episode of The Biggest Loser, the final four contestants flew back to the campus from Australia but had to work out without their trainers. First, Rocco DiSpirito returned to the show after talking to everyone’s families. He showed them their favorite dishes that they loved to eat before they came to The Biggest Loser and reminded them how unhealthy their eating habits used to be. Then, he took them to the kitchen to reinvent their dishes to be healthier and something they could eat without jeopardizing their health or weight.

The transformation that these contestants have made is truly amazing. As they work out in the gym on their own, it is obvious that they have not only transformed their bodies, but have walked away with the knowledge to keep that weight off even after the game is over. When they finish, they head to meet Alison at the beach for their 15th and final challenge. The contestants had to carry the amount of weight they lost across a beach and then run with a flag to a finish line. Mark won and received a huge advantage for the finale. He is now on The Biggest Loser meal plan where the food is prepared and sent to him, approved by the Biggest Loser staff of doctors and nutritionists.

Each contestant was treated to a retrospective video, showing the progress that they’ve made since joining the show. Not surprisingly, each one is brought to tears. Week by week, they see how much weight they’ve lost, what they went through when their partners were eliminated, and how great they looked after their makeovers. Afterwards, they took that desire to win and put it all into a last chance workout.

Here are the numbers from tonight’s weigh in:

  • Roger: 15 pounds (6.41%)
  • Mark: 12 pounds (6.63%)
  • Ali: 11 pounds (7.53)
  • Kelly: 13 pounds (6.81%)

Mark and Roger fall below the yellow line and find out a shocking twist from Alison.  Ali and Kelly will not decide which player goes home and which player makes the finale.  America will.  The Biggest Loser fans will be able to vote on NBC’s website to decide whether Roger or Mark will make up the third piece of the final three.

– Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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Gina Scarpa

Staff Writer, BuddyTV