If you’ve been watching Jennifer Lopez on American Idol this season, then it should come as no surprise to you that People Magazine has named her this year’s Most Beautiful Woman. She can wear anything! And she can do everything with her hair! And she’s so nice!

You can watch J. Lo talk about being beautiful in this video from People. She emphasizes that, of course, true beauty comes from within. But having external beauty doesn’t hurt, either.

We get to see more of the beautiful Ms. Lopez in her new video for “I’m Into You,” her latest single featuring a collaboration with Lil Wayne. If you had any doubts about her beauty, you should look at these pictures. Girlfriend is smoking hot. [Perez Hilton]

Jennifer Lopez is taking her beauty on a world tour, with her new album, Love? set to release on May 3 in the US. I was a bit ambivalent on Jennifer Lopez before, but after writing this I think I am in love with her. [Daily Spy]

(Image courtesy of People Magazine)

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