It’s looking like week 4 will be a great time for Dancing with the Stars news items. That is, assuming you like dating gossip and knowledge of injury. But what could possibly be better than that?

Cheryl Burke Injured During Performance
Is the Dancing with the Stars studio cursed? On the same night that saw Kirstie Alley lose a shoe mid-dance, professional dancer Cheryl Burke suffered an injury while dancing.

There was no particular sign that Cheryl was in pain during her paso doble performance with Chris Jericho. The dance got mostly positive feedback — especially for the difficult choreography — and earned the couple a respectable 23 points. However, Cheryl wasn’t doing so good afterwards.

Burke told that she “felt something rip” in the thigh and groin of her left leg while performing a tricky move. While she danced through the pain until the music stopped, Cheryl was treated with icepacks shortly after the performance.

There is no word as to how or if this will affect Cheryl and Chris’ quest for the Mirror Ball, but Cheryl didn’t seem too worried.

Mark and Pia … and Mommy?
According to, Pia Toscano, lately of American Idol, will be back in Los Angeles (from New York) later today. And then she’ll meet her suspected-boyfriend’s mother.

Mark Ballas has been downplaying his relationship with Pia, calling her a good friend, but sources have insisted that the pair were kissing and are totally into each other. Since gossip and romance are more entertaining for the tabloid-stalker types, we’re going to go with the romance being on.

TMZ says that the couple’s evening will be spent in the company of Mark’s mother, Shirley. Granted, this isn’t as monumental as it might be, given that Shirley and Pia probably wanted to form a mutual admiration society.

Petra Nemcova: Evil Mastermind?
The best villain is always the one you’d least expect. And, by that rationale, Petra Nemcova should be about ready to hatch an evil plan to take over the world. Or, you know, sabotage Kirstie Alley’s wardrobe.

After her shoe malfunction during the Week 4 performances, Kirstie Alley knew exactly where to lay the blame: on her competitors. As she told “I think that the other girls came into my dressing room and tampered with my shoe. And I’m not going to name any names … Petra.”

Of course, Kirstie was only joking. Or was she?!


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