Ron and Christina had a great second go in The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business. Their relationship seemed to have improved, even just a little bit, and Ron got to eat a lot of snacks in different countries. Their team came up short in Varanasi, India, and BuddyTV got the scoop on racing again, who they want to win, and of course, the food.

What was it like returning to The Amazing Race with other teams who had competed before? Did you change your strategy going in this time around?

We had a blast racing with teams who we had watched in the past. Every team invited back deserved to be there and had that fire in their belly to go for the win. It made every second of the Race all the more fun and intense. A strategy we had was to soak in every second and keep everything in perspective. We stuck to this strategy by taking time out to visit the Sydney opera house, dance with Naxi villagers in Lijiang, and enjoy a delicious meal in India, and it helped our game. There’s only so much you can do while waiting for a flight, and there are only so many times you can look for a better train. We made a point to really dive into some of the cultures we were lucky enough to be exposed to, and it made us enjoy the Race more and run as a more cohesive team.

It seemed like the teams this season all got along pretty well. Are there any teams you’re rooting for?
We’re rooting for everyone who is still in it because we know everyone is just as passionate about the Race as we are. We have a good bond with the Globetrotters who we think are “infectious happiness,” but we’d be happy if any one of the teams took the victory home.
Do you think your relationship was portrayed accurately on the show?
Christina: Although the show focused on times when we were frantic, we also had a lot of times of levity and comedy. We laughed at and with each other a lot. The Amazing Race has brought us closer, and our bond since Season 12 has only strengthened.
Ron: We understand from the onset that our goal was to enjoy this Amazing Race experience with each other. Although I’d prefer our happy lighter moments shown, I understand they choose clips based on what makes good entertainment.  
Ron, we saw you eating a lot on this trip, what was the best food you ate on the Race?
Ron: The steamed buns the morning we arrived in Lijiang were delicious! The fresh local mushroom just enhanced the flavors. Food is a universal language, so I’m always interested in what the locals eat because it’s a way to learn about their culture. What I ate in a country becomes such a memorable part of travel that I try to find the food item when I return home.  
Christina: I think my dad should go on Bizarre Foods on the Travel Channel. He has a knack for  finding and tasting interesting local foods.
Do you still feel like you have Unfinished Business?
We always had our eyes on the grand prize, but our ultimate goal was to have an incredible experience together and we reached that goal. Despite our elimination, watching last night’s episode brought back fond memories of our time traveling together. We played the game without compromising our values and had so much fun racing again. So we’d have to say that the only Unfinished Business we have — if any — is not finishing in the final three so we could have the opportunity to see more of the world together. We’re very grateful for this experience.
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