Nowadays, Vanessa Hudgen’s steamy photos aren’t the only ones floating around the internet.  Jennifer Braff, a contestant on Age of Love, is also getting lots of hits with her naked pictures that are now creating much controversy.

Braff, 48, was known as a runner-up on the reality dating series, Age of Love.  She was beaten by Amanda Salinas, 25-year-old hockey team dancer who was chosen by 30 year-old Australian tennis star Mark Philippoussis in the finale.

During her stint on the show, Braff was touted as an executive assistant to Lakers owner, Jerry Buss, as well as a spokesmodel for Amore Fashion.  However, she was also a nude model who appeared on Playboy on multiple occasions and even sold autographed photos of herself at L.A.’s porn convention “Glamourcon.”

Although Braff’s naked pictures were taken long before her mainstream TV debut on Age of Love, many are pondering on the fact that her nude modeling credentials were not divulged on the show or the network’s website.  Ironically, Braff’s official website mentions her job as a Hawaiian Tropic swimsuit model, a makeup artist, a songwriter, a spokesmodel for Amore Fashion and her appearances on Playboy, except for her work experience for the NBA team.

Would Philippoussis have chosen differently if he’d known about Braff’s Playboy past?

At present, Braff is preoccupied with her upcoming book and modeling ventures with Amore Fashion.

“Well, I’m trying to finish up a book that I had started before I was on the show, it’s basically on what I do to stay young.  Not just my attitude, but what I take as far as my supplements – you know, they help – and beauty secrets.  I have my exercise regime, what I eat, and so on.  But I also now want to incorporate in it my experience on the show,” she told BuddyTV.

“I’m also spokesmodel for  We have a calendar coming out, and I want to plug that, because proceeds go to my charity.  It’s Miller’s Children’s Hospital in Long Beach.  I’ve been getting some phone calls, we’ll see what happens.  I’m excited to move forward from this experience, and it’s just been a fun life,” she added.

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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Kris De Leon

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