Dick Donato has won Big Brother 8.  It’s over.  Everyone who hates Dick and his methods can’t be too pleased with the final result this evening.  You have to admit, be it grudgingly or not, that it worked.  Everything Daniele and Dick did have suddenly become worth it because they are both significantly wealthier now than when they walked into the Big Brother house.  Tonight’s episode was enjoyable, as far as finales go, if only because we got to watch the jury members’ and the Donatos’ reactions to Eric revealing himself as America’s Player.  In the live studio audience tonight were former players Janelle, Kaysar, Chicken George, and Howie, if that does anything for you.  This is how it all went down. 

Big Brother 8: Finale Recap

A Not So Happy Jury House

Eric receives his final America’s Player task: give Dick the win.  He’s happy about this, believing Dick will and should win the $500,000.  The jury members await their final member and all talk about how they hope it is one of the Donatos.  I think we’ve heard that conversation before.  So, when Zach shows up, no one is all that pleased to see him.  We get an initial discussion about who they should eventually vote for.  Jen, obviously, is staunchly against Dick and will never give him her vote.  Eric talks up Dick’s gameplay and says they have to look past his verbal lashings.  He played the game very well.  The general sentiment is that they are choosing between the lesser of two evils. 

Next, we get the jury questioning.  This isn’t live, mind you, but it is an active conversation between the jury members and the Donatos.  Amber asks about Dani’s fling with Nick and how it affects her boyfriend.  Dani reacts angrily.  Jen says mean things to both Dick and Daniele.  Dick says some very nice things about Eric and Jessica and admits that his biggest regret is turning on those two when he did.  Overall, nothing major comes out during questioning.  After it’s over, we get footage from the house of Dani mad at her father for campaigning for himself in a final speech he gave.  Dick was just speaking his mind, nothing overt.  We assume this is resolved because once we get to the live show, both Donatos are all smiles.

The Live Show

As always, these live festivities take place right out in front of the Big Brother house.  The jury members are introduced and they join the studio audience.  They cast their votes by placing a key in the nomination wheel.  Next, we talk to the first five evicted houseguests.  Nick and Daniele have an awkward little conversation.  Joe talks a little smack to Dustin.  Then, finally, the big reveal.  Julie sends us to a tape, which everyone (including the Donatos) watches, of Eric revealing to all that he was America’s Player.  We then get a long montage of Eric talking over video of him completing America’s tasks, complete with reaction shots from the jury members.  Everyone is shocked and has a good laugh,  The Donatos think it’s funny, and even Jess doesn’t seem too miffed.  Eric gets a chance to say a few words and assures Jessica that everything between them was truly genuine. 

The Final Results

In a vote of 5-2, Dick Donato wins Big Brother 8. Only Jen and Jameka end up voting for Daniele.  Dick and Daniele emerge from the Big Brother house, both ecstatic.  There is much hugging and rejoicing. 

We’ll be back tomorrow with an exclusive interview with Dick and Daniele Donato. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer

Oscar Dahl

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